Monday, January 29, 2018

Immigration Expert Dale Wilcox: ‘E-Verify Is a Must’

“E-Verify is a must,” said immigration expect Dale Wilcox, calling for the inclusion of a national mandate on employers to use E-Verify in any final legislative amnesty proposal.
Wilcox is the Executive Director & General Counsel for the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI). He offered his analysis on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight in an interview with co-hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.
The White House’s Thursday-revealed amnesty proposal does not include an E-Verify mandate, said Wilcox.
“One thing that disappoints me is, the administration has conceded E-Verify,” said Wilcox. “I’ve always said, institute E-Verify and then you reduce the jobs magnet. People aren’t going to come here if they can’t work. That’s obvious.”
Use of E-Verify will broadly deny illegal aliens access to work, said Wilcox, describing it as a uniquely important tool relative to a border wall and ending chain migration in pursuit of reducing illegal immigration.
“They included money for a wall, that’s great,” said Wilcox. “The wall will deter and will significantly reduce illegal immigration, however 40 percent of our illegal immigration problem in this country is a result of visa overstays; people flying in as tourists or students and never going home. So, what does the wall do for that? What does getting rid of chain migration do for that? Nothing. E-Verify is a must.”
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cimbri said...

E-verify is not as important as advertised; not nearly as important as the Wall. The trick is to keep them from coming in. The average crooked subcontractor picking up day laborers could care less about E-verify. They're already supposed to check legit ID and don't. It's fine to have it but let's be careful that the Congress doesn't use E-verify as a substitute for the wall.