Monday, January 29, 2018

Illegal Immigration Destroys American Schools, Hurts Kids The Most

Chris Cuomo’s Law states:
As a political debate grows longer, the probability that a liberal will argue “think of the children” approaches 1.
Cuomo’s Law is a little like Godwin’s Law, except debates involving Hitler are invariably more entertaining. But the principle is the same: the more you argue with liberals, the more likely they are to remind you to “think of the children”—as if doing so ends the debate.
The law is named after long-time CNN commentator Chris Cuomo, whose standard refrain when it comes to the illegal immigration debate is “deporting illegals immigrants will break-up families—just think of the children.”
Well, I took Cuomo’s advice. I thought of the children—America’s children.
What I found is that illegal immigration hurts Americans kids by depriving them of a decent education. Illegal immigrants and anchor babies flood public schools thereby decreasing student-to-teacher ratios and watering-down funding. Likewise, schools with a high proportion of illegals are generally more violent and disorderly, in part due to the cultural and linguistic barriers between Americans and foreigners.
In this article I’ll explore the impact of illegal immigration on America’s education system in three states: California, Texas, and Illinois. I’ll start with California because it’s there the problem is biggest. --->
Read the rest from Spencer P Morrison HERE.

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