Thursday, December 21, 2017

What if you won a war and nobody showed up to report on it?

David French published an essay this week on a true mystery in the history of journalism. It all has to do with the pronouncement which took place one week ago, on December 9th. We were all fairly busy, I’m sure, what with the Alabama Senate race winding to a tumultuous close and Christmas fast approaching. But on that day, Haider al-Abadi, the Prime Minister of Iraq, declared victory in the war on ISIS. But in order for you to know about it you’d have to do some serious digging. It barely rated a mention on CNN and unless you had a Google news alert set up for that search term it probably didn’t pop up very prominently in any of your RSS feeds.
French is quick to point out that the larger “idea” of ISIS isn’t gone. Far from it, as we saw with the recent Fumblewear Bomber escapades and other “inspired” attacks around the globe. But ISIS wasn’t supposed to be simply an idea. They were a caliphate, and one which was devastatingly successful for a time. French describes the significant difference.
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A War Trump Won

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