Saturday, December 16, 2017

Visa lottery + chain migration = A COMPLETE disaster for US

Simply cutting the extended family categories would trim the number in half.
Our body politic is incapable of having a substantive debate on immigration because the issue immediately gets hijacked by the clamor for amnesty for illegal immigrants.
The entire discussion of orienting our legal immigration system to work for Americans is lost because the forgotten American doesn’t wield the power of the special interests.
And sadly, what should be a consensus view following two terror attacks perpetrated by products of the inane visa lottery and chain migration, is lost in the rancor of personalities and WWE-style political fisticuffs burying good policies.
Immigration, like every other major issue, is caught up in the polarization between two parties that ironically think alike and operate from the same premise, seeking to appease much of the same class of special interests.
However, most non-political Americans agree on some basic commonsense premises: that immigration should work, first and foremost, for Americans; that we should only admit people who love America and its values; and that we should admit only those who will be a net benefit – economically and culturally – to America, not a net liability.
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