Sunday, December 17, 2017

Unmoved by Terror Attack, Congress Is Doing Nothing to Scrap the Diversity Visa Lottery

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Capitol Hill’s national security priorities are screwier than a Six Flags roller coaster.
Instead of immediately shutting down one of America’s stupidest visa programs, which helped bring us yet another murder-minded jihadist this week, bipartisan Beltway politicians are pushing to preserve and expand the illegal immigration pipeline.
Republicans and Democrats in Congress want a “fix” for the Obama administration’s executive amnesty covering nearly 700,000 illegal immigrants—and they want it pronto.
Translation: Protecting border-hopping “Dreamers” is a more important priority in Washington than protecting Americans from infiltrators exploiting the Diversity Visa Lottery.
You remember the hew and cry over the Diversity Visa Lottery, right? It was just seven short weeks ago when America discovered that New York City truck jihadist Sayfullo Saipov, who ruthlessly mowed down eight people on a bike path, had entered our country from Uzbekistan in 2010 by pure, random luck through the Diversity Visa Lottery Program.
President Donald Trump called on Congress to end it.
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