Monday, December 4, 2017

Slow Down, Lynch Mob. A Man Is Not Automatically Guilty Just Because He's Accused

Loic Venance/AFP/Getty Images
Matt Lauer, former host of the Today Show, stands accused of a multitude of sins, including exposing himself to his coworkers, handing out sex toys as gifts, and even having a special locking mechanism installed at his desk so that he could trap his victims in his office/sex dungeon.
Garrison Keillor, a broadcasting icon who has spent 40 years in the business, has also this week been accused of, and fired for, his own "inappropriate behavior." Apparently he patted a woman on the back years ago, his hand went up her shirt slightly, and he apologized for it at the time. She forgave him, he says, but has now decided that it was assault. Maybe more accusations will surface against Keillor, but right now, as far as the public knows, that's it.
Matt Lauer and Garrison Keillor
The only thing that links these two men and their alleged improprieties together is that both are immediately assumed guilty and cast aside as dangerous predators. They will both be added to the same list — a list that includes men accused of child rape, men accused of making lewd comments, and men accused of something in between those two vast extremes — and their careers and reputations will be ruined forever. Neither will be allowed to defend themselves, neither will be permitted to tell their side of the story, and no evidence whatsoever will need to be presented against them. This is how the process works now. If you are a man and you are accused of any inappropriate behavior, of any kind, at any time, by anyone, you are guilty, you are scum, and your life is over.
I think, perhaps, we are setting a troubling precedent
. Read the rest from Matt Walsh HERE.

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