Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Senate tax reform bill will save Obamacare and DACA

It's does little to reduce taxes, but the tax reform bill offered by Trump and the GOP will save Obamacare and DACA
Tell me if this sounds familiar: The political duopoly, owned and operated by the Republicans and Democrats, “work” into the wee hours of the morning as they attempt to pass a major piece of legislation.
Usually, the legislation being considered is so politically volatile that the so-called leadership had to create it behind closed doors only to reveal it to legislators moments before requiring them to vote on it—usually without giving them enough time to read it first.
Not surprisingly, this approach leaves a few legislators unsure about how to vote, forcing so-called leadership to offer a potpourri of backroom deals and “hand shake” promises to buy the “yes” votes necessary for passage.
Now, if you thought I was talking about how Obamacare was passed, that’s understandable because that’s exactly how it happened under the Democrat-controlled Congress and Barack Obama. But I was describing how the in-name-only tax reform bill was passed early Saturday morning by the GOP-controlled Congress and Donald Trump.
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