Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Roy Moore’s Core Supporters In Alabama Don’t Care What You Think

As Alabama’s special Senate election draws near, pastors speak out about why they’re standing by Roy Moore in defiance of the GOP establishment.
Fannin Road Baptist Church sits across from an abandoned cow pasture on the west side of Montgomery, Alabama, in a poor neighborhood of sparse, dilapidated single-story homes near Maxwell Air Force Base. Pastor Jim Lester began what he calls a “missionary church” here in 1998, while he was still on active duty in the Air Force.
At 63, Lester has a military bearing and sports a closely cropped gray mustache, a bald head, and a distinct North Carolina drawl. Like most pastors of independent fundamentalist Baptist churches in Alabama, Lester doesn’t mince words about what he believes—or why he supports Roy Moore.
Lester was one of the 53 Alabama pastors who signed a letter endorsing the Republican Alabama Senate candidate back in August. A month ago, Moore’s wife, Kayla Moore, re-posted the letter on Facebook in the wake of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against her husband. Since then, Lester says he’s been contacted by close to a hundred reporters but hasn’t spoken out, until now.
“Roy Moore was a man who was willing to stand on his principles, even though it cost him his job as chief justice, cost him his livelihood,” Lester says, referring to Moore’s removal from the Alabama Supreme Court, first in 2003 and again in 2016. “That’s extreme.” But Lester is quick to clarify that his support for Moore goes beyond his belief that Moore is a man of principle.
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