Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Republicans Scheme To Give ILLEGALS citizenship

Democrats and Republicans are working together on a deal to grant amnesty to “Dreamers” — illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children — and are insisting that any such deal include a path to citizenship for illegal aliens.
In September, President Donald Trump kept a major campaign promise by rescinding President Obama’s illegal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order. After the repeal of the order, Congress was given a six-month timetable and instructed by the president to put together a deal that legalized DACA amnesty. The president has pledged to sign that deal when it reaches his desk.
GOP senators Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and John Cornyn, R-Texas, have proposed legislation that would extend DACA amnesty for three years but also require tougher border security, impose a stronger e-verify program, crack down on chain migration, and target sanctuary city funding.
Democrats panned the proposal, saying it wasn’t a “good faith effort to provide protection for the Dreamers, including those who were enrolled in DACA.”
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Anonymous said...

Bout damn time.

Repubs, if you have any guts left at all, do this NOW.

Everyone knows it's the right thing to do.


PS. Nice smack down of Trump yesterday. There might be hope, although the whole Moore fiasco was unnecessary and stupid, not to mention immoral. Trump had the power to squelch Moore, but he wouldn't. Too dumb to see what was really happening. Too in love with his own image.

Anonymous said...

Also, the GOP will never be able to wash off Moore-stink, just as that can't wash off Trump-stink. The GOP is now the TRUMP/MOORE/child-molester party.

When the chips were down, the GOP cowered like fools.

They deserve everything coming to them in 2018.

Trump really does corrupt everyone who comes within 10 feet of him.


Anonymous said...

Trump is a democrat, dear

Anonymous said...

Nothing to celebrate, Martha, that what candidate Trump promised to fix was our open borders, not how to enable and attract more unskilled and uneducated migrants by making more and more and more amnesties that only deepen the wrong done to Americans and others who come here legally.

When Trump betrays his base, it is disgusting, no matter the issue. FRAUD and deceit, these are the thing most sickening to Americans. I have to suspect you are not an American and you have damaged your brain cells beyond repair.

They are not immigrants. These migrants often have no proof of where they come from even. There is nothing that suggests the problems they cause themselves are caused by taxpayers, or that we need to pay them for breaking our laws. The Congressmen are paid by AMERICANS and should be protecting us, not serving the needs of foreign regimes and populations.

Send them back. America already has taken more than enough, and more than is fair.

Obviously you're a troll because you celebrate imaginary afflictions for Republicans over false grievances. You are NOT a conservative, to say the least.

In context of rampant globe caliphate terrorism, lacking secure borders is INSANE, not something to demand of our government SWORN and PAID to protect America.

Anonymous said...

Martha shows complete ignorance of what caused Moore problems. This has nothing to do with the Republican Party. The South is racist, and the South FOUGHT to continue slavery. The Republican Party came into existence to end slavery, we bled to end slavery and dems FOUGHT to have people in slavery.

Democrat legislatures and governors signed every disgusting Fugitive Slave Law. The Republicans became a party to stop this trashy Democrat Party. With rapist bill clinton still being worshiped in the DNC, who was caught tampering with an intern while in a sexual harassment case, it CLEARLY is the Democrat Party who has a war on women. The hollywood Weinstein plague funds the Democrat Party, libtard Martha.

Anonymous said...

Martha seems to have missed the part where Moore failed in the reddest state in USA. Difficult for a Republican to do, but Moore did. Nothing about Moore feels Republican. This is a false flag smear by Martha.

Roy Moore campaigned by insulting Mitt Romney. He deserved to fail.

Schumer, Biden, Franken, Conyers, and that whole Weinstein-funded gang isstill there. Some how no shame for them, Martha? Don't they deserve what is coming for them in 2018?

Anonymous said...

Dear Martha,

Republican donors stampeded to leave once Trump was the GOP nominee.

It is the rapist Hollywood that funds people like Trump and his pal Hillary.

Hillary rigged the DNC Primary, you should not scream that she was exposed by a hack, you should scream that you have rapist Clintons still waring on women, persecuting and lying about Bill's rape victims to degrade them further and even abusing the power of IRS to audit his rape victims!

And SCREAM that the Clintons control the Democrat Party by funding from rapists like Weinstein. Weinstein is not a republican!! LOL Weinstein is Hillary's campaign fund raiser.

WOW, you're confused. Weinstein = Rape = Democrat Party

You don't care about women, you're a Democrat troll in a Conservative chat site. You're a fraud.

Anonymous said...


Open your eyes! Darling mouthpiece of Democrat Party, Meryl Streep, calls Harvey Weinstein GOD!! All Hollywood there at the time cheered her ugly comment.

The rape culture of Leftist Hollywood funds the Democrat Party, Martha, not the Republican Party. Everyone knows this, Martha.

Yes, rape involves sex, but not all sex is rape. It is violent CRIME that we see the Democrat Party splashing around in with no shame at all. Democrat Party should have put Bill Clinton in jail, instead they put him at the top of their ticket.

Democrat Party = Weinstein Money = Leftist Hollywood Systemic Rape

Anonymous said...

Martha (I mean Rman),

You didn't read the article again, did you? See this cartoon featured in the article?

This article is conservative in impact, you are a flaming Leftist traitor to America. And you are a troll.

Trump did NOT campaign for some 'good faith' Santa to grant the wishes of illegal migrants who Obama brought into America at OUR expense in UnConstitutional use of taxpayer money and in UnConstitutional use of power. He didn't have the power to do that and said so himself dozens of times to national audiences.

Send them back. We owe them nothing. Put Obama in jail and sue him for all he's got. Americans did not ask them to come here and we should NOT pay them to break our immigration law. Put Trump in jail if he fails to secure our borders. This must stop. Amnesty is a magnet, not a solution.

STOP PLAYING DUMB, Jihadi Rman (martha). We see you for the enemy alien you are.

Anonymous said...

It is DACA Don who goes down for this scheme. Crazymaking Martha is biserk.