Thursday, December 28, 2017

Lots of Love for Terrorists: Lefty Media Gets All Fuzzy for Jihadists

The New York Port Authority subway entrance is closed
after a pipe bomb was exploded inside. Credit: Courtesy
Has the left ever met a bloodthirsty Muslim terrorist that they didn’t want to give a big hug and a wet kiss to?
C’mon down, Akayed Ullah, the New York Port Authority bus terminal suicide bomber from Bangladesh, this month’s “diversity lottery” terrorist.
In the underground corridor linking the bus station to Times Square, the devout Muslim walked by any number of ads and billboards for assorted infidel products, until he got to where he wanted to detonate his homemade pipe bomb full of nails.
He set it off in front of a Christmas poster.
Needless to say, The New York Times has been swooning over this nice young man. The undocumented immigrant got the traditional front-page sob story last week. He was a good boy, a very good boy. He had recently returned to the Third World hellhole from which he came. It was a “lonely trip.”
Cue the violins.“(He was) following his own heart, reflecting some sort of inner struggle ... loving and giving ... found enormous satisfaction in doing charity work ... (A friend said) ‘he didn’t smoke, he didn’t misbehave, he was always cordial, he was the type of guy who couldn’t commit any crime.’ ”
Read the rest from Howie Carr HERE.

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