Saturday, December 2, 2017

Illegal Immigration is Feeding the Sexual Harassment Crisis

These may sound like two topics which have very little in common, but only a cursory examination should inform us that the ongoing sexual harassment and sexual assault conflagration is closely tied to and in some ways driven by illegal immigration. This is a piece of the puzzle I was examining over the weekend when I asked if women in lower-wage jobs without all the glitz and glamor of Hollywood or the Media were experiencing the same rates of problems in this area. The answer seems to be situational, but in one specific area it’s probably worse than what too many women are facing when they apply for a job at a movie studio.
Katie Johnston at the Boston Globe has a disturbing bit of reporting this week which focuses on the plight of female illegal aliens working in the northeast. (Though I’m sure this is sadly common all across the country.) She details the experiences of a number of illegal aliens who report having been not only harassed and assaulted, but actually raped by employers and coworkers. Their options for reporting their assailants are even more limited than most victims because the perpetrators not only control their careers but can hold the threat of deportation over their heads.
Read the rest from Jazz Shaw HERE.

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