Friday, December 22, 2017

HOW MUCH WILL YOU SAVE? Try Out The Online Tax Calculators To Find Out

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If you want to know everything in the GOP's tax cut plan that is expected to be passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump, you need to click this link 'cuz they did a lot of work to write their piece (and, crazily enough, actually read the 503-page legislation).
We're just interested in the bottom line: What will this tax-cut plan save us? So we've turned to the calculators being offered up by news sites to help people figure out how much money they'd save in taxes, calculated using adjusted gross incomes.
Let's set a couple of parameters and we'll test them out. In some ways, we're comparing apples to orangutans, but people are clicking these links to see what they'll save, so let's give them a spin.
We'll test three scenarios:
Read the rest of the story and try the online tax calculators HERE.

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