Sunday, November 5, 2017

To Break the Opioid Crisis, Repair the Family

Photo: Hikrcn/Dreamstime
Too many Americans are dying deaths of despair, and their lack of a support system is a big part of the problem.
I want to share with you an extraordinary chart, one that shows the immense cost of loneliness, brokenness, and despair. From Scott Winship, the director of Senator Mike Lee’s invaluable Social Capital Project, here are opiate overdoses by educational level and marriage:
If you follow the opioid crisis at all, it shouldn’t surprise you that the overdose rate is higher among Americans with less education. After all, less-educated Americans tend to be poorer and often hold physically demanding jobs. They get injured, they obtain prescription painkillers, and they have fewer resources to combat the resulting addiction. Poor, less-educated Americans are more vulnerable to a host of maladies.
But what truly shocks is the overwhelmingly disproportionate impact on single Americans — both divorced and never-married. --->
Read the rest from Davif French HERE.

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