Monday, November 13, 2017

Mother of Roy Moore Accuser: Washington Post Reporters Convinced My Daughter to Go Public

The mother of Leigh Corfman, who says that Alabama Senatorial Candidate Roy Moore tried to engage in a sexual encounter with her when she was 14, told Breitbart News that the Washington Post worked to convince her daughter to give an interview about the allegations against Moore.
Speaking by phone to Breitbart News on Saturday, Corfman’s mother, Nancy Wells, 71, further stated that her daughter would not have come forward if it weren’t for The Post reporter’s alleged actions.
Corfman went public with her accusations against Moore in a Washington Post interview published last week in which she alleged that Moore attempted to initiate sexual contact with her in 1979 when she was 14. Three other women between the ages of 16 and 18 claim that when Moore was in his 30s, he attempted to court them or that he dated them. The current age of consent in Alabama is 16.
Moore has strongly denied the accusations. He has questioned the timing of The Post’s story, which was dropped mere weeks before the December 12 election.
Corfman’s mother, Wells, told Breitbart News that reporters for the Washington Post convinced her daughter to give them an interview.
“She did not go to them,” said Wells. “They called her.”
“They tried to convince her to do it?” this reporter asked.
“Yes,” replied Wells, matter-of-factly.
Wells was asked about Corfman’s motivations for going public. “It wasn’t done for politics, you know,” Wells replied. “It was done for personal reasons. And it wouldn’t have been done if the reporters hadn’t contacted my daughter.”
Read the rest from Aaron Klein HERE.

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Anonymous said...

FACT: Roy Moore admitted to having to ask MOTHERS OF TEENS to date their daughters. (WUT . . .)

FACT: Roy Moore didn't deny dating teens, as a 32 YEAR OLD MAN

FACT: Moore's denials have less credibility than the accusers. It's more than obvious the man is guilty.

FACT: WaPo reporters did their job, looking to confirm longtime rumors of Moores propensity to go after teenagers as a 32 YEAR OLD MAN

FACT: Accusers story was 100% consistent over 6! interviews.

FACT: NONE of the women were out looking to cause trouble. They were simply convinced to tell their stories. MORE POWER TO THEM. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE THIS.

FACT: Multiple people who know these women CONFIRMED they were aware of these things for a LONG TIME.

FACT: Moore defenders don't know how to analyze or even understand 101 reporting.

FACT: The right has lost it's mind - if indeed, it ever had one.

NEVER thought I'd see the day the GOP would defend peodophiles. This is what "grab em by the -----" gets you. Total moral breakdown.

Moore was TOTALLY! UNFIT for office before his peodophilia came out.

The GOP has been exposed as morally bankrupt.

There are still a few who have moral clarity: Romney, Sasse, Flake, McCain.

Just wish there were more.


cimbri said...

Martha, the GOP is not morally bankrupt so stop the nonsense. Also, pedophilia only applies when the person is not sexually mature. These exaggerations are causing harm to true pedophile victims.

Ted Kennedy killed a girl not his wife and no Republicans in the Senate talked about not seating him. This is about politics and power, and once again, we need equal application of the rules and laws.

Moore did admit to dating teenagers, as a 30-something. Based on this behavior being inappropriate, not moral and possibly illegal, I would prefer the Governor delay the election and the AL GOP put someone else on the ticket. It's an easy win if we dump Moore.

Bob DeVore said...

It is simply amazing when the opposition brings out the guns of yesterday's non sexual behavior between teens and judge Moore . They the mainstream Republican and some conservative media use this information to destroy their opponent.
Yes the culture in states the past was different and some of our states have set legal age for adult hood and make it legal to marry a 16 year old
I have two daughters in their past teen years I know who were the boy friends . If I know there was a 30 year old wouldn't I be asking why do you want to date my child? I would know first hand on what was going on in my children lives and that is being a real caring parent.
My other questions are what happen to the parents? They didn't care to know what is going on the their children lives?