Friday, November 17, 2017

GOOD TRUMP: Court-Ordered Deportations Surge After Trump Ends Obama-Era Delay Tactics

Charles Reed/ICE via AP
Government data shows the Trump administration has already shifted the "culture" of immigration attorneys, who used to have more tools under the Obama administration to delay court decisions on whether to remove illegal immigrants, but are now being forced to push for a final verdict more quickly.
Under Obama, immigration attorneys were more likely to leave cases for illegal immigrants in limbo, thus preventing them from ever ruling on whether they needed to be removed from the U.S. An official from the Executive Office for Immigration Review explained to the Washington Examiner that attorneys would push for an administrative closure, or a pause in the proceedings before an administrative judge.
That pause could be achieved by seeking continuance in the case, which might then make it easier to justify a decision not to prosecute.
“Rather than getting [a decision on removal proceedings] … Instead it created this culture of seeking continuance to try to build up a request for prosecutorial discretion for administrative closure, and so it had a ripple effect,” the Department of Justice official said.
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