Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Democrats: It's No Fair When Republicans Sink as Low as Us!

AP Photo/Craig Lassig
As Roy Moore's troubles were just getting underway, leftist CNN commentator Van Jones made what has to be one of the least self-aware and yet most revealing comments of the Trumpian Age. Targeting Breitbart firebrand Steve Bannon, who had promoted Moore, Van Jones said, "Bannon is trying to create this sense of an aggrieved identity, frankly, of a white aggrieved identity group that’s under siege by everybody. And this is that in its worse form. So, you’re not supposed to vote as a father, you’re not supposed to vote as a woman. You’re supposed to vote as a member of this identity group against the world. And if that works, that is very, very bad for the Republican Party and it’s very, very bad for our country."
This comes from the man — from the political party — from the philosophy — that has sold absolutely nothing but aggrieved identities for the last sixty years, ever since it became clear that actual leftist policies don't work. Blacks, women, people who think they're women, people who pretend to be black — whatever category you find yourself in, the left has preached that you should ignore the disaster of leftism and focus only on your sweet victimhood, voting your grievances even when it's against your best interests.
In other words, Van Jones' only real complaint against Bannon is that Bannon has sunk to the level of Van Jones!
It is the same with those leftists who are attacking the conservatives defending Roy Moore in the face of mounting allegations that he was a sex pest and maybe worse back in the seventies. The left is essentially accusing the right of sinking to the left's level. Are the Moore defenders any different than the Democrats, Toxic Feminists and journalists (but I repeat and repeat myself) who lined up to back Bill Clinton twenty years ago in the face of mounting allegations that he was a sex pest and maybe worse? And never mind twenty years ago. What about the lefties who rushed to silence Bill's accusers just last year when their stories of rape and molestation became inconvenient truths ruining Hillary's hagiography? What about the networks relentlessly suppressing the corruption trial of Senator Bob Menendez?
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