Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Are We Sure About Roy Moore, Or Do You Just Hate Him?

The pile on against Roy Moore has been swift and fierce. But is it right? I ask because few want to admit what is definitely true: the timing is awfully politically convenient and the behavior described doesn't fit anything we know about him.
The swiftest pile on over Roy Moore has come not from Democrats, but from a bunch of Republicans who have hated his guts for years. And now it's pay back time. Look, I know I'm going to get set on fire for this piece, but I think it needs to be said.
If the allegations are true, Roy Moore needs to step aside. But how do we know? I have to tell you that this seems like a political miracle for the Democrats with a most convenient timing and most convenient pile on. To listen to most, if Roy Moore is guilty he needs to step aside and if he is innocent he needs to step aside and clear his name. Moore's opponents have constructed the argument in such a way that the only way forward is for him to get out of the race. That's awfully convenient for a lot of people who hate him for political reasons.
Part of my character disposition is that when I see the whole herd running in one direction I tend to stop and wonder if I really should and I have reached that point with Roy Moore. I actually reached it a couple of days ago and it has taken me this long to decide it is worth saying anything given the undoubted blowback from a bunch of people whose opinions I really don't care about (and a few whose opinions I do) when it gets right down to it. I think it is.
I don't know whether Roy Moore did this or not, but I do know the timing and pile on, right when everybody is finished talking about Virginia, the President is out of town, everyone is talking about sexual abuse, and thus the story can capture maximum attention.
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