Friday, November 24, 2017

9th Circuit to President of the United States: You answer to us

We are running out of adjectives to describe the state of emergency in our judicial system.
The Ninth Circuit ruled last week that not only is Obama’s illegal amnesty the law of the land and immigration statutes are no longer allowed, but that Trump must surrender all private legal and political advice he received preceding his decision to terminate Obama’s “DACA” amnesty.
9th Circuit has 29 Active Judges
“Put bluntly, the notion that the head of a United States agency would decide to terminate a program giving legal protections to roughly 800,000 people based solely on 256 pages of publicly available documents is not credible, as the district court concluded,” wrote Judges Kim Wardlaw and Ronald Gould, two Clinton appointees.
This is not a joke. We now have judges saying that not only can a president steal the nation’s sovereignty and grant illegal aliens affirmative benefits, but that a subsequent president must submit enough information to the courts before getting rid of the lawless program!
Read the rest from Daniel Horowitz HERE.

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