Tuesday, October 24, 2017

What’s Wrong With The Boy Scouts Goes Deeper Than Social Issues Into Cowardice

A program that once embraced difficulty—even danger—has traded its soul for happy helicopter parents and freedom from liability.
What’s wrong with the Boy Scouts?
As an Eagle Scout, the son of an Eagle Scout, and a professional with the Boy Scouts of America for about eight years, I have heard this question a lot this last week. The Boy Scouts of America just announced that they would allow girls to join their program, even earn the rank of Eagle Scout, and many people are confused. After all, it seems patently absurd that a program built for boys, which actually has the word “boy” in its name, would suddenly be appropriate for girls too.
So what is wrong with the Boy Scouts? I do not think, at its root, it is simply that the Boy Scouts capitulated on a whole range of controversial social issues—though they surely have changed with popular culture. I think these changes are actually symptomatic of a deeper problem within the BSA. To put it simply: the Boy Scouts are too safe.
Essentially, the Boy Scouts of America has abandoned its original insight into the soul of boys: They are natural warriors. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are girls out there who love to play cops and robbers, and boys out there who love playing with dolls. But we all know that, in general, whether it is biologically or culturally transmitted, boys like to play at war and girls don’t. This central vision into the nature of boys was what sparked the Scouting movement.
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