Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Trump To Slash U.S. Refugee Admissions To Lowest Since 1980

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President Trump plans to allow no more than 45,000 refugees into the United States in the next fiscal year, which would be the lowest influx in 37 years.
In 2016, under rules set by then-President Barack Obama in a unilateral executive order, the U.S. allowed nearly 85,000 refugees into the country – many from war-torn nations in the Middle East. Obama set up guidelines that would have allowed some 110,000 to be admitted in 2017.
But Trump lowered that cap to just 50,000 for fiscal year 2017 – which ended yesterday, Sept. 30. That number was surpassed by mid-July, according to the State Department's Refugee Processing Center.
The new 45,000 cap for fiscal year 2018 "is the lowest that any White House has sought since the president began setting the ceiling on refugee admissions in 1980," NPR reports.
And the cap is just a limit on the maximum number of refugees allowed. The Trump administration could admit far fewer than that if it chooses.
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