Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Spare Me Your “Poor Jeff Flake is a Victim” Horsecrap

Oh poor Jeff Flake. Jeff Flake got bullied out of Washington by Trumpism. Flake is such a nice guy and there is no room for nice guys in the GOP any more. I am seeing all this all over social media and it is such horse crap.
Jeff Flake is leaving the Senate because he is a crappy politician who built his brand as one thing, used it to get to the Senate, then betrayed that brand once there.
I have covered this before, but Washington Conventional Wisdom would prefer you think this is about Jeff Flake vs. Donald Trump. The reality is that Flake could have stood up authentically to Donald Trump and been supported by his voters if Flake wasn’t such a bullsh…crap politician who essentially lied his way into the Senate.
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The Club For Growth’s scorecard is the one Jeff Flake used to recruit donors and national support. Going all the way back to 2005, Flake had a consistently conservative record on fiscal issues. He was one of the very few congressmen supported by the Club with a lifetime 100% score. He literally was the candidate people pointed to as the model Club For Growth candidate.
But once in the Senate he gave all the fiscal conservatives the middle finger.
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Anonymous said...

Spare me Erikson's horsecrap opinion.

Jeff Flake lied his way into the senate? Don't be an idiot, Erick.

And who the hell cares if Flake's conservative record is 80 or 90 or 100%?

No one!

Flake was a statesman today. There was not a single thing in his speech that was not 100% correct.

He told the truth, while the other 47 GOP senators cower like fools.

They are Trump's stupid little poodles, which he kicks around and doesn't give a crap about.

We have a few good men left. Flake is one of them. I hope he gives Trump pure hell for the rest of his term.


Anonymous said...

I was dead right about the religious right way back when Romney ran.

They are HYPOCRITES. They lie. They say they care about things they do not care about.

They DO NOT CARE about morals, truth, values, or even decency.

What the hell happened to the GOP.

It was all just a lie?

I told you all Trump would destroy the GOP.

Is this what you really wanted?

How's it working out for you? For all of us?

Trump is taking America right down the toilet.

Are you Trump dingbats happy?

My goodness.


Anonymous said...

I'm SO GLAD I left the GOP the morning Trump had the nomination.

I would NEVER belong to a party who would countenance the likes of Trump or his followers.

May the GOP go down in spectacular flames.

Good riddance.


Anonymous said...

There's so much winning I can hardly stand it . . .

You know, things like calling a fresh military widow a liar, and saying it's a GOP win. Yippee!

I don't know how you people can sleep at night, supporting this monster.