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Op-ed: SB-54...Signaling California's Demise

SB-54...Signaling California's Demise 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

It will put a large kink in Trump’s perverse and inhumane deportation machine.” - SB-54 proposer California State Senate Leader Kevin de Leon (D)

I know of no other way to say it except to just take a deep breath and let it be known that by his signing the abomination known as SB-54...dubbed the 'California Values Act'...California's Gov. Jerry Brown has proven himself to be not only an anti-American bleeding heart liberal, but one who poses a danger not only to Californians but to all Americans whose lives he has now put in danger. How so...because this bill makes the entirety of California a 'sanctuary state' which not only sets a dangerous precedent but actually gives criminals...rights, freedoms, and protections, once afforded to American citizens alone.
And with it being a direct slap in the face to President Trump, Brown happily signed a bill into law that limits who California's state and local law enforcement agencies can hold, question, and transfer at the request of federal immigration authorities...and he did so on the very day President Trump had set as the deadline for those illegals currently protected under Obama's DACA program to request a two-year extension before the program is finally and rightfully phased out.

Saying that SB-54 will ensure that “hardworking people who contribute to our state are respected,” Brown forgets that more importantly is that 'We the People' now need laws to protect us from the likes of him and from those he is trying to protect.

Bill SB-54...whose predecessor was the 'California Trust Act' which weakened the impact of in-place federal policy on immigrant communities and included in it how long illegals could be held by immigration officials...was proposed by Latino Democrat and California Senate leader Kevin de León, and it directly contradicts already on the books federal laws by its baring California law enforcement officers from arresting individuals based upon civil immigration warrants; bars officers from asking about a person’s immigration status; and bars them from participating in any joint task force with federal officials for the purpose of enforcing immigration laws.

In addition, SB-54 prohibits local law enforcement officers from asking about a person's immigration status in the course of routine interactions; prohibits said officers from complying with ICE detainer requests; and also prevents local jails from contracting with the federal government to house their detainees and hold immigrants for any reason if they are cleared for release based upon the adjudication of their state criminal cases.

In other words...screw federal U.S. immigration laws for to those like Gov. Jerry Brown and Sen.Kevin de Leon the 'supposed' rights of illegals...of criminals...usurp the rights of we law-abiding American matter that illegal immigration in and of itself is indeed directly responsible for the increase in the overall numbers of violent crime not just in California but nationwide.

Simply put, while SB-54, which goes into effect on January 1, 2018, does not actually stop ICE or Homeland Security from enforcing federal immigration laws in California, it does ensure that California will not use its own law enforcement resources to help in those above stated actions. And it does so while at the same time creating protections for illegals already living in California by setting into place immigration 'safe zones' around schools, health facilities that offer physical and/or mental health and wellness services, public libraries, legal aid and social services organizations, and courthouses.

Read SB-54 in its entirety here:

And in his claiming that SB-54 is a "balanced measure bill" that "will protect public safety while bringing a measure of comfort to those families who are now living in fear every day," Jerry Brown proves just how really delusional he is as this bill puts Californians in danger by allowing violent criminals to avoid deportation while at the same time jeopardizing the state's much needed billions in federal funding. And Brown signed this bill even after President Trump publicly put cities and counties on notice that they will lose federal funding if local law enforcement does not cooperate with immigration agents. And with California being home to at least 35 sanctuary cities...including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Oakland...that means 35 cities...with some being highly populated cities...could and most likely will go broke thanks to this what is truly a one-sided law.

And if losing funding wasn't bad enough get this, SB-54 requires prisons to have written consent from inmates...from criminals...before they allow federal immigration agents to interview other words 'make nice' to felons including those the likes of five times previously deported illegal alien Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, the very man who in cold-blood murdered Kate Steinle.

In fact, according to Devin O’Malley, a spokesman for the Department of Justice, “The state of California has now codified a commitment to returning criminal aliens back onto our streets, which undermines public safety, national security, and law enforcement.” And how right he is for this now law places too many restrictions on law enforcement’s ability to "communicate" with their federal counterparts about releasing or not releasing criminals from jail...that is except if said criminal has been convicted of one of about 800 mostly felony and misdemeanor crimes. And law enforcement officers will also specifically be barred from transferring illegal criminals to federal authorities if said criminals 'so-called' rap sheet includes only "minor offenses" while not saying what those "minor offenses" are.

"It won't stop ICE from trolling our streets," angrily whined bill sponsor California Senate leader Kevin de Leon (D) who wanted no concessions made to his original if all stated above are really concessions.

And no matter how often Gov. Jerry Brown squawks that his signing SB-54 in no way prevents ICE or Homeland Security from actually "operating" in California, the truth is that this law actually lays out the welcome mat for any and all illegals both currently in our country and those planning on illegally entering here to just hightail it to California knowing they will not only get a conglomerate of the requisite 'free stuff'...including driver's licenses and the right to vote...but that they will be protected by law no matter how many times or to what degree they put it mildly...badly.

Heaven help law-abiding Californians for the police will no longer be able to.

'No longer be able to' as buried within SB-54 are words to the affect that California's attorney general’s office will have to publish guidelines and training recommendations in order to (forcibly) limit immigration agents access to personal information, that all law enforcement agencies will have to send the office annual reports both on the illegals they do transfer to immigration authorities, and to the types and frequency of arrests and said transfers.

And to make SB-54 all the more grievous, Gov. Brown signed with it an additional ten immigration-related bills...including a bill limiting the growth of detention centers by preventing cities and other local California governments from entering into either new contracts or renewing and/or modifying any existing contracts with private companies whose business with the feds is to hold immigrants. Also signed was a bill that expanded education services for illegals while at the same time extending tenant and workplace protections for those Brown loves to call "undocumented persons"...persons who in reality we know are illegal aliens...criminals...who came into our country by knowingly and willingly breaking our laws.

So what can the few duly-elected Republican officials in California do now that this bill has become law...little to nothing it seems. In fact, Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions...who called SB-54 “unconscionable” already doing legal battle with some sanctuary cities... including San Francisco...over the administration's move to withhold Justice Department grant funds to "discourage sanctuary city policies." And least we forget that on the very day California lawmakers voted to pass SB-54, activist U.S. District Court Judge Harry Leinenweber in Chicago blocked Session's move.

And with State Senate leader Kevin de León now saying that state leaders are "prepared to defend it" in court no matter that some are trying to get federal officials to block the law from being implemented, the chances of SB-54 not being implemented are slim as the 10th Amendment and past court rulings in previous and somewhat similar cases found that the federal government cannot "compel" local authorities to enforce federal laws.

And this means that the uber liberal Democrats in the California legislature; those who elected them to office; and the vile, way overpaid, no-talent, big mouth Hollywood sorts; have succeeded in commandeering once great California and turning it into a socialist's free-for-all, do whatever you want, haven for the criminal sorts. But then again this is the same state that under the same governor recently reduced the penalty from a felony to a misdemeanor for someone who knowingly does not tell their partner...whether they be gay or straight...that he or she is infected with the AIDS virus. Nice huh...
So with SB-54 now being law, the bottom line is that American families who have suffered never ending heartbreak and harm at the hands of illegal criminals will now be pushed aside by corrupt California politicians who would rather protect the more than 2.3 million illegals living in their state than seek justice for innocent lives lost.
And what most forget is that as this sanctuary state scenario progresses from bad to all-out socialism overtakes the will lead into a situation known as 'diminishing returns' where eventually California's economy collapses as the state becomes bankrupt under the weight of having to support the influx of illegals with their hands out flocking to their state. And with government funds rightfully being withheld, raising taxes even higher than they already are becomes the only viable option available, but with taxes being almost unaffordable for most as it is, the exodus from California will turn the state into a true socialistic criminal hub with mob mentality becoming the rule of law. And dare we forget that socialism only works until you run out of other people's money...meaning California is indeed on the path towards total bankruptcy and economic collapse.

And the bottom line in all this is that what the 'big one' has not yet done to California to date, Gov. Jerry Brown's signing of SB-54 will surely do. Adios California...bye-bye liberals truly did bring this nightmare upon yourselves.

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