Sunday, October 29, 2017

IRS Gives ILLEGALS Welfare, Forces Obamacare Tax On Americans

Trump’s IRS is still zealously enforcing the individual mandate against hardworking taxpayers who aren’t asking for subsidies or refundable tax credits, but just want to be left alone. At the same time, the IRS is doling out refundable tax credits to illegal aliens, who happen to also be exempt from the individual mandate penalty. We are strangers in our own country.
For reasons only Allah knows, Trump has not fired John Koskinen as Commissioner of the IRS. House conservatives wanted to impeach him when Obama was president for lying to Congress, but everyone thought either way he would surely be fired on Trump’s first day in office. He’s still in power in his full glory. Now he has announced that the IRS plans to enforce the individual mandate even against those who leave the question blank on their tax forms, something the Obama administration didn’t begin enforcing before the election.
Does Trump need to go further than Obama in enforcing Obamacare?
Trump’s very first executive order on Inauguration Day was a directive to various agencies to begin rolling back Obamacare to the extent allowed under law. A month later, the IRS indicated that it would not hold up the tax returns of those who leave empty the box on line 61 of page 2, which asks filers to disclose whether they had continuous medical insurance coverage for the previous year. While they reserved the right to send follow-up letters inquiring about the empty box, they would not immediately reject the return.
But doesn’t the law require the IRS to enforce the mandate, you might ask? In reality, this was the policy of the Obama administration for the first few years of the mandate. The Obama administration only announced it would begin automatically rejecting returns that left box 61 blank last year as applied to tax returns from this year. All Trump had to do was preempt this change and merely continue Obama’s baseline policy from the previous tax year. Yet, the IRS announced on their website last week that they would begin categorically rejecting any 1040 that left this box blank.
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