Monday, October 9, 2017

Good News: Trump Just Privatized A Piece Of ObamaCare

Health Care: What happened after President Trump decided to save taxpayer money by slashing ObamaCare's open enrollment ad budget? Private groups jumped in to fill the gap. It should serve as an example of how to cut countless other government programs.
In late August, the administration announced that it was sharply cutting the promotional budget for ObamaCare as well as money spent on "navigators" paid to help people enroll when open enrollment starts on November 1.
Both cuts were more than justified.
The Obama administration nearly doubled ObamaCare promotional spending in 2016 to more than $100 million, only to see overall enrollment decline by 400,000 and the number of new enrollees drop by 42%. This year, the Department of Health and Human Services is slashing the ad budget to $10 million.
The navigator program was an even bigger waste of money. HHS notes that the Obama administration dumped $62.5 million on navigators last year — who then managed to help fewer than 82,000 people enroll. That's $762 per enrollee. One navigator got $200,000 and enrolled one person. HHS is cutting the navigator budget by almost 40%.
Not surprisingly, the cuts were treated by ObamaCare defenders as another effort by Trump to sabotage the law.
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