Wednesday, October 11, 2017

DEMpublicans Grumble: Stephen Miller’s trying to blow up the DREAM AMNESTY deal with Democrats

MY TAKE FIRST: Let's all say a prayer that Stephen Miller is successful in helping FULFILL A TRUMP PROMISE OF ENDING DACA.

Just because Trump NOW wants to betray us on this, DOESN'T MEAN WE HAVE TO LET HIM. And if Miller can throw the wammy into any possible Amnesty or DACA 2 Bill, I'M ALL FOR HIS EFFORTS:
My goodness. CNN, McClatchy, HuffPost, Politico — there sure are a lot of media outlets fielding calls from unhappy Hill staffers about Stephen Miller and the DREAM deal over the last few days.
To congressional Republicans, what Miller’s trying to do is sabotage a deal by stuffing it so full of politically toxic poison pills that Democrats will choke and half the GOP caucus will walk away. To you and I, what Miller’s trying to do is extract truly meaningful enforcement measures as the price of amnestying DREAMers. Right now the GOP’s ask is “border security,” which deals with one limited facet of illegal immigration and can be undone later to some extent by a Democratic White House. Miller’s thinking bigger picture, knowing that this may be the last shot at any sort of immigration deal for years.
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