Sunday, October 22, 2017

Are You Ready For A NATIONAL ID CARD? ... 2 Views

In Wake Of Equifax Hack, It’s Time For The U.S. To Create A National ID Card:
We need a better answer to the problem of identifying oneself and protecting that identity from fraud. We need a national identification card.
Identity theft has been a growing problem for years, but the recent Equifax hack has raised the issue in people’s minds again. Equifax may be the biggest security breach of personal information, but it is not the first and will not be the last.
Americans continue to rely on antiquated methods of identification, the most prominent of which are Social Security numbers. Forcing the Social Security number to act as a secure means of identification asks more of the nine-digit combination than was ever intended.
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Why Creating A National ID System Would Threaten Americans’ Privacy And Security:
The proposition that the federal government should be entrusted with even more information on citizens is a bit of a high-stakes gamble.
Kyle Sammin cogently argues that the United States should implement a voluntary national identity system in the wake of the Equifax hacking. Debate about this issue has roiled for decades. Although numerous countries have a national identification system, Americans have long resisted the idea.
The Social Security number (SSN) has certainly expanded beyond its original purpose of serving as an account number for benefits, but policy-makers have repeatedly rejected calls to convert it into an identifier. The Clinton administration’s 1993 proposal of a “Health Security Card” never got off the ground, and even after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Congress made clear in creating the Department of Homeland Security that DHS was not authorized to create a national ID system.
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