Tuesday, October 17, 2017

AMNESTY WATCH: White House Official Floats Amnesty Compromise

A White House official has floated a compromise on chain migration which critics say will leave conservatives empty-handed several years after a ‘Dream Act’ amnesty is passed.
The proposal came at the last moment of an October 8 evening teleconference describing on President Donald Trump’s popular immigration principles. One of several White House officials on the call ended the call by saying they planned to oppose the award of citizenship to young illegals. “As we look to legalizing the status of DACA recipients, we are not interested in granting citizenship,” said the official.
Citizenship is a key issue for Democrats and Republicans because new citizens are entitled to vote and to bring homeland relatives into the United States and then get them into the polling booth five years later. That citizenship-enabled chain-migration of government-dependent voters is responsible for more than half of immigration since the 1980s and has given Democrats full or partial control of several states, including California and Virginia.
Chain migration has also been a boon for business groups because the increased population has expanded sales, revenues and profits.
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