Thursday, October 12, 2017

ALIPAC: No Compromise on DACA Amnesty for Compromised America

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC sees Trump's efforts to cut a deal on DACA Amnesty as a reversal of his positions during the campaign and warns America that any proposed new immigration laws aimed at building walls, stopping fraudulent asylum seekers and stopping unaccompanied minor illegal aliens will all fail to materialize if any form of Amnesty passes into law.
America has already been deeply compromised by more than 12 million invading illegal aliens costing taxpayers more than $100 billion in stolen tax resources and thousands of innocent U.S. citizens slaughtered by illegals each year!
Americans will watch in horror as the Amnesty portion of the legislation is enforced giving millions of illegal aliens what they want, while any new immigration laws will go unenforced as our current laws are today! The additional millions of straight Democrat Party voters added to U.S. elections will eventually cancel out any immigration or border security laws.
"Promises of new and improved immigration laws by Trump and Congress are spoons full of sugar to get the Amnesty poison to go down!" declared William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "Any further forced compromise in America will take us beyond the point of no return. Trump never campaigned on making a deal on DACA Amnesty, and if he had, I'm quite certain he would not be President today! America does not need new immigration laws; we need for the laws we have to be enforced, and that is the promise Trump is betraying by reversing his position to supporting Amnesty for illegal aliens instead of enforcing all of our laws today as he promised during the campaign."
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