Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A DOJ lawsuit alleging discrimination against a group you wouldn’t expect

In recent years we’ve seen any number of federal lawsuits alleging discrimination against employers. They have been brought based on allegations of racial discrimination against minorities, bias against gays and lesbians or even on religious grounds. But there’s a new one coming out of Colorado with a twist. The Justice Department is charging a company with violating the Immigration and Nationality Act by discriminating against American citizens in favor of immigrants applying for guest worker visas.
Crop Production Services Inc. was allegedly turning down American workers applying for seasonal agricultural jobs after demanding they meet more stringent job requirements than non-citizens with visas. (Free Beacon)
The complaint states that Crop Production Services discriminated against three Americans, Ramiro Torres, Ramiro Salinas, and Javier Salinas, “based on their citizenship status.”
The DOJ argues the company put these individuals through a more rigorous hiring and vetting process and denied them jobs as seasonal workers at a rice breeding facility in El Campo, Texas. The company instead filled all its positions with “H-2A visa holders from Mexico.” ...
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