Friday, September 22, 2017

Why the Border Wall Must Be Built

The building of a wall to determine who enters the national home of any nation is as logical and as natural as are the walls and fences that enclose our own homes and yards. Even the animal kingdom understands the importance of boundaries and the right to determine who enters their space. Beavers establish their turf with dams, birds with nests, ants with underground colonies and bees with hives.
At the dawn of civilization, people gathered together to construct walls around their cities for safety. We understand this natural principle today when we establish militaries and police and when we lock the doors to our homes and cars. Ancient Rome built walls across northern Europe and Britain to contain invasions by Germans and Scots. China built a great wall to contain the Mongols. The wall around Constantinople protected the Eastern Roman Empire for over a thousand years. Today, Israel has a barrier that has reduced suicide bombing by 95 percent. In his poem “Mending Wall” American poet laureate Robert Frost acknowledged this natural institution when he wrote: Good fences make good neighbors.
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