Tuesday, September 26, 2017

THIS IS NUTS: NPR Laments 'Gender-Segregated' Competitive Sports As 'Exclusive'

AP Photo/Martin Meissner
The public radio station says segregation should be eliminated in the age of transgenderism.
An NPR article, published Sunday, laments “gender-segregated” sports, suggesting that separation of men and women in competitive sports be reconsidered in order to accommodate leftist notions of "gender" and "transgenderism."
“Biological differences [are] almost wholly dependent on levels of testosterone,” alleges NPR, suggesting that modern hormone manipulation offers an avenue for sexual transition.
Women wishing to be men can undergo testosterone supplementation for a “physical transition,” alleges NPR, suggesting that women can somehow become men through the administration of exogenous hormones.
Without evidence, NPR concludes that Caster Semenya — a world champion sprinter in women’s competition — is a female, despite NPR's own reporting of Semenya being an intersex person: --->
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1 comment:

cimbri said...

I hope women and transgenders get into the NFL and it just becomes a total joke.