Saturday, September 2, 2017

Texans Don’t Want Empathy, They Want the Help Trump Has So Far Delivered

The Associated Press
One of the biggest mistakes a person can make is forgetting that not everyone in the world thinks the way they do. This is especially true for the left-wing pajama boys who infest the establishment media and Republican party. How else to explain this breathtakingly stupid narrative against President Trump over his supposed lack of empathy for the people suffering in Texas under the oppression of Hurricane Harvey?
To no one’s surprise, one of the primary pipe organs complaining about this lack of sweet feelz, is the fake news factory we call CNN. Looking tweedy and exactly like someone eager to discuss ObamaCare on Christmas morning over a cup of hot cocoa, CNN’s Jeff Zeleny moaned that he has seen, “Very little in terms of empathy from this president. Very little in terms of emotion or talking directly to the people of Texas.”
And yes, this is the same Jeff Zeleny who once asked President Obama to tell the world about what most “enchants” him.
Things were not any better over at Fox News, where former-Bush 43 press secretary Ari Fleischer all but bit his lip to express his dismay over Trump’s lack of the sweet feelz, “There was something missing from what President Trump said, that’s the empathy for the people who suffer.”
Read the rest from John Nolte HERE and follow a link to Ben Shapiro's take below:

FAKE NEWS: No, Trump Doesn't Have An Empathy Problem On Hurricane Harvey

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