Monday, September 11, 2017

Peter King on new Trump/Schumer meeting: “It was almost like a love-in at times”

Well, I should hope so. They’re big-government power players from Manhattan who’ve known each other for years. Besides, Trump’s donated thousands of dollars to Schumer’s campaigns. The least Chuck could do is be nice to him.
It’s silly to try to divine ideological clues from a Republican’s personal demeanor when schmoozing Democrats but we do it all the time with traditional RINOs. Why should Trump be spared, especially when this comes so soon after a meaningful concession to Schumer and Pelosi on policy?
“He and Chuck — both of them would interrupt each other at times — and they’d go back and forth and Chuck would say something and smile and the President would look at him and smile,” King told CNN Thursday evening. “This went on for the whole — let’s say the meeting was around 40 minutes or so? It was almost like a love-in at times.”…
“It was basically the President and Chuck. Even though there was somebody between them, they — face-to-face, they were pretty close a few times,” King said. “Chuck would lean over toward him, the President would lean over toward Chuck — I felt like I was back in the neighborhood.”…
Throughout the meeting, Schumer and Trump kept reaching across Cohn to shake hands, King said…
At one point, King complimented Trump and Schumer for reaching Wednesday’s deal, and Trump thanked him and he shook hands with Schumer again, King said. At another moment in meeting, King said Trump turned to him and asked if the deal was getting a positive response in the House, and King said he responded, “Absolutely.”
Axios frames the state of play starkly: “There’s a chance this Republican president, with a Republican Congress, ends the year with this list of accomplishments: increasing spending, permanently lifting the cap on debt, propping up Obamacare after failing to repeal it, and offering new protections to children of illegal immigrants.” --->
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