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Op-ed: The Conundrum of Trump v. DACA

The Conundrum of Trump v. DACA
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

"Revoking DACA is necessary to ensure safe communities, a robust middle class, and economic fairness for all Americans.” 
- President Donald Trump, 9/5/17 

In June 2012, Barack HUSSEIN Obama signed an executive order that created the 'Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals' program, commonly known as DACA, and he promised to speak out against any and all presidents who in the future dared try to revoke what he claimed was one of his administration's crowning achievements. And that was one promise he kept when last Tuesday...after meeting with attorneys general from 15 states* who threatened to sue in federal court to stop DACA unless the president took action to phase it out... Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that President Trump had revoked Obama's unconstitutional order. Now with the freeing up of immigration officials to do their jobs... as in enforce the immigration laws currently on our books...Obama spoke out and did what Democrats do best...he blamed others instead of himself for this monstrosity. 

Now defending his program against what AG Jeff Sessions called the “the previous administration’s disrespect for the legislative process,” Obama claimed that he waited for Congress to send him a bill to sign...a bill he said never came...a bill that would have offered 'dreamers' an opportunity to stay in this country and "earn citizenship" if they attended college or served in the military. Obama also added that lawmakers needed to “protect these young people,” who he said are Americans “in every single way but one: on paper,” and that Trump's move was “cruel” and “self-defeating” because these young people would now no longer be protected them from deportation. 

But guess what...'dreamers' are not Americans in any way unless they were born here... they are and remain criminal illegal aliens albeit so courtesy of the sins of their fathers and mothers...nor is it "cruel" and "self-defeating" to no longer protect young illegals from taking jobs away from America's youth or seats from young citizens wanting admission to college. 

So what exactly does DACA do and who specifically are 'dreamers?' DACA is simply Obama's program that allowed roughly 800,000 young people...referred to as 'dreamers' visa-vie their claim of wanting the so-called 'American dream' remain in this country no matter that were brought here illegally as children by their still today illegal alien parents. And those deeming themselves to be 'dreamers,' thus being covered under DACA, cannot have felony convictions; must have arrived here in our country before 2007 but only if they were under 16-years of age when arriving; and must have attended school here. And the DACA program allowed those 'dreamers' who met these requirements to live and work legally in the U.S. for renewable two-year periods no matter their parents still illegal status...meaning in four simple words...they cannot be deported. 

In more infuriating words...Obama put the wants and needs of these illegal children before the wants and needs of American children. And he did so unconstitutionally by unilaterally enacting the said controversial DACA program after Congress rejected legislative proposals to extend similar benefits on other occasions to this very same group of what are indeed illegal aliens. 

“In other words, the executive branch, through DACA, deliberately sought to achieve what the legislative branch specifically refused to authorize on multiple occasions. Such an open-ended circumvention of immigration laws was an unconstitutional exercise of authority by the executive branch,” said AG Sessions during his televised statement. 

"An unconstitutional exercise of authority" especially when there is a key difference between 'dreamers' and those children born of illegal parents living in our country... actually born of criminal illegal parents as these parents knowingly and willingly broke our laws in the illegal way they entered our country. However, the fact is that if their child was born in born on American soil no matter their parent's illegal status... according to our laws that child is not a 'dreamer' but is an American citizen and as such is protected from deportation on those grounds alone. However, I am not addressing those children in this article for that is an entirely different matter for an entirely different article about anchor babies.

Yet 'dreamers' I stated above are roughly 800,000 strong...are being fed the lie by liberals and the media that with President Trump revoked DACA that they will be deported immediately. But nothing could be further from the truth for the revoking actually puts in place a six-month delay in ending the program...a delay to give Congress time to pass legislation to address the entire DACA they should have when Obama was president. 

And if more truth be told this issue should have been dealt with back in 1986 when our beloved Ronald Reagan was president. In fact, FOX News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano recently stated that, "Every president since Ronald Reagan has said hands off on these folks," adding that, "The only president that reduced that to writing in a series of 12 executive orders was Barack Obama. And when those 12 executive orders were challenged in court, the court invalidated them, saying this is for Congress to do." 

Judge Napolitano went on to say that if Obama had dealt with this "quietly and under the radar screen" as his predecessors had done, there would have been nothing for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to invalidate, specifically saying that, "The Supreme Court tied 4-4 on this, so the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals' opinion - which governs Texas - is the law of the land, and that says Congress decides and not the president."

So as he had done before DACA and did so again after this particular court ruling, Obama chose not to abide by an appeals' court's decision, and instead set the program in place with Congress doing not a thing to challenge or stop him. But, thankfully, President Trump set right what was so wrong...legally wrong and just plain wrong for America as a whole. 

And with that setting right the left and their useful idiot tool known as the 'snowflakes' came out in force to join hands with the 'dreamers' to protest, whine, and do what they do in to make-up even more lies to try and assure that the guilty get turned into the victims, and to do so with the help of a media so anti-anything Trump proposes or does that they relish in aiding these illegals in further breaking our laws. 

So what are the three biggest media-generated lies about DACA and the 'dreamers' now being spewed out?

  • Media lie number one: President Trump does not care about the 'dreamers.' Not true as all his revoking of DACA does is send immigration reform back to Congress where like I stated previously it always belonged. And as per White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the president now "looks to Congress to pass a responsible immigration reform package” including the allocating of monies to control the border with Mexico, to better protect American workers’ jobs, and to protect the 'dreamers' themselves. And while such reform failed in 2013, maybe if we had Congresspeople actually willing to solve this problem only then will we get something done to address the 11+ million illegals currently residing in our country... even if that simply means enforcing our current immigration laws...dotting all 'i's' and crossing all 't's.' 
  • Media lie number two: the 'dreamer' deportations will begin immediately. Totally not true for besides there being the previously stated six-month delay in implementation there will be no revoking DACA benefits for those who currently have them. However, any new DACA applications filed after September 12th will be rejected, but consideration will be given to renewal applications that are received by that date as well as requests from current DACA recipients whose benefits will expire by March 5th of next year, provided those applications are received by October 5th of this year. 
  • Media lie number three: revoking DACA will make the country worse off economically. Not true no matter the media claims that eliminating DACA punishes young law-abiding workers and discourages future non-white immigrants from coming to the U.S. And why, because all anyone has to do who wants to strive for the 'American dream' is apply to come here legally as per our existing on-the-books immigration laws. And those jobs 'dreamers' currently hold would now be filled by American citizens still out of work because the 'dreamers' were given preferential treatment for jobs that should have gone to those citizens. That is not economical loss but simply a reshuffling of the demographic currently employed and might even force the creating of new businesses and jobs within the Hispanic community itself.   

But also know that on a rare occasion the media does report a 'possible' truth. And such a 'possible' truth is their reporting that on Wednesday night, President Trump had dinner with Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schummer to discuss the DACA issue, and that yesterday Pelosi and Schummer claimed "a deal is in progress" to allow the 'dreamers' to stay that does not include funding for the border wall. But the reason I call these words a 'possible' truth is that these words in turn saw President Trump tweeting that “no deal” was made on DACA, and that agreements on “massive border security” would have to accompany any new DACA provisions, and insisted that “the WALL will continue to be built.” 

So is the media telling the truth here...there is the possibility that they are as earlier on Wednesday, President Trump did hold a bipartisan meeting with a group of House members. Afterward, several Democrats present at that meeting said Trump made it clear that he did not expect border wall funding to be included in a legislative deal on the 'dreamers.' In fact, Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Tex.) stated to White House reporters, “He said we’re going to add [wall funding] somewhere else...We’ve told him we don’t want to tie this [together]. He said, ‘DACA, we’re going to do it early. We’re going to do some kind of border security.’ He brought up the wall. He said that doesn’t have to be on this DACA bill.” 

But with nothing on paper to confirm a deal had been made...for now any way...Trump's revoking of DACA stands as is and know it is not the only change he rightfully wants implemented, with the other being the RAISE Act (Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment). This immigration act is aimed at reducing legal immigration and giving priority to English-speaking applicants...a good thing I say as 'dial one for English' must not be allowed in our country any more.

And the RAISE Act if becoming law would actually cut legal immigration by roughly half over the next ten years (as in the number of green cards now issued dropping from the current one million per year to 500,000 per year) thus eliminating what is called 'chain immigration' (which is defined as family reunification meaning immigrants are able to sponsor their relatives back home to be admitted as immigrants here), as well as eliminating the diversity visa lottery (where 50,000 visas are annually offered to those coming from countries with low rates of U.S. immigration). 

And why is the RAISE Act so per President Trump himself, "We must reform our green card system, which now favors low-skilled immigration and puts immense strain on U.S. taxpayers...Under a merit-based system, citizens will enjoy higher employment, rising wages, and a stronger middle class. Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue have introduced the RAISE Act, which would establish this merit-based system and produce lasting gains for the American People." 

And the RAISE Act includes for example, employment based green currently 140,000 such green cards are issued per year and means top entry priority given will no longer be given to low-skilled immigrants but to those w ho have "extraordinary ability" in fields including science and athletics, or who are multinational managers or "outstanding" researchers. This would amount to a minimum 30-points-based system that takes into consideration the specific immigrants education level, age, English language mastery, and future other words we would allow into our country a given country's best not their in those who would end up bleeding our welfare rolls at we taxpayer's expense. In fact, new legal green cards holders of any kind would not be eligible for any 'means-tested' federal benefits for five years after arriving...yet another very good thing. 

But like with those 15 liberal blue states now wanting to bring suit against President Trump for his revoking of DACA, know that the RAISE Act is a long way off from ever becoming law as it faces the usual resistance in Congress from not only all Democrats but from the usual group of RINO Republicans as well who claim that the RAISE Act is both racist and classist, because it gives preference to English-speaking applicants from developed Western countries whose people strive to support themselves as opposed to applicants from countries with poor economies who do not like us very in from muslim-majority in from countries the Democrats count on for votes. 

And to make its passage even more unlikely is the fact that passing the RAISE matter that it would indeed serve America and 'We the People' matter that said act would not have any direct effect on illegal that it would require 60 votes to override a likely Democratic filibuster as it is not a budget reconciliation bill. 

So with Obama's unconstitutional DACA program now being revoked, the RAISE Act actually is an important and workable first step in steering our country away from the liberal lauded what is in actuality an outdated and uncompetitive system that as per immigration writer Lyman Stone is a "nepotistic kinship-based immigration," and has it becoming instead a modernized, skills-based points system. 

A very good thing for our country heavily burdened by those immigrants with their hands if only the Democrats and RINO Republicans would put their disdain for President Trump aside and do what is best for our country instead of doing what is best for themselves. And that includes their accepting that DACA was just plain wrong to begin with. Sad though that time and past actions prove that I best not hold my breath for that one.
* New York, Massachusetts, Washington, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and the District of Columbia

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