Friday, September 15, 2017

MDGA (Make DACA Great Again): Democrats Dream Act Would Kill Trump’s RAISE Act

MY TAKE FIRST: I take issue with the Breitbart Headline trying to spin away the fault of this current mess away from WHERE IT REALLY BELONGS ... PRESIDENT TRUMP:

"Democrats’ Dream Act Would Kill Donald Trump’s RAISE Act"

"Democrats'" Dream act was rescinded by Trump .. WASN'T IT?

So ANY AMNESTY would come 2 ways: (BOTH ways TRUMP GETS THE BLAME:

1. Congress passes Amnesty and/or a NEW DACA TYPE BILL .. and TRUMP DOESN'T VETO IT .... (this isn't rocket science) he signs it ... NOW HIS LAW

2. Congress doesn't grant AMNESTY and/or passes DACA TYPE BILL TRUMP uses executive order to either rescind his rescinding of DACA or comes up with his OWN AMNESTY and/or DACA order (again, this isn't rocket science) It's now HIS AMNESTY and HIS DACA BILL

Now to the story below:

Democratic and business groups are pushing President Donald Trump to accept a 2017 “Dream Act” — but the legislation would greatly expand the size the DACA amnesty, welcome more criminals, eliminate existing education expectations, sideline American youths, and greatly expand the financial costs paid by Americans.
For example, the Democrats’ Dream act would provide a near-automatic amnesty path to citizenship to a low-wage school dropout who was convicted of two felonies, providing he also enrolls in a neighborhood education program — and it would likely impose a $2 trillion cost on taxpayers over the next 50 years.
Those easy-citizenship proposals are the reverse of Trump’s promised “RAISE Act,” which would benefit 320 million Americans by cutting low-skill immigration, raising wages and reducing taxpayers’ long-term costs by $1 trillion per decade.
If Trump accepts the Dream Act, it will be a triple-victory for Democrats because Trump will also lose the chance to get funding for his border wall, or to pass his immigration-reform RAISE Act. Defeating the border wall and the RAISE Act are already a huge priority for Democrats and business executives because they would sharply reduce the annual inflow of future Democratic voters and of taxpayer-funded consumers.
Read the rest from Neil Munro HERE.

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