Thursday, September 7, 2017

Mark Levin: Here's The Plan For Taking Down North Korea And China

Time to "take a page out of the ol' Gipper's book."
On his radio show Thursday, Mark Levin laid out a plan for handling the militant communist state of North Korea and its key ally, China. The strategy, said Levin, has been provided to us by the man who finally forced the Soviets to end the Cold War, Ronald Reagan.
Amid seemingly ever-escalating threats and provocative actions by the totalitarian dictator Kim Jung Un, the West, said Levin, seems paralyzed, unable to see a way to bring North Korea to heel, particularly because of communist China's support of the hostile authoritarian state.
"So what do we do?" asked Levin. "We take a page out of the ol' Gipper's book."
Faced with a Soviet military with as much or even more nuclear capability than our own, said Levin, President Ronald Reagan moved more nuclear weapons closer to the USSR, an aggressive move that ended up having a significant impact on the Soviets' approach to the Cold War.
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