Sunday, September 3, 2017

I Think Congressional Republicans Are Setting Up President Trump to Fail on the Border Wall

News reports suggest that as Texas is grappling with Hurricane Harvey’s flooding, Republicans in Washington intend to cut upwards of a billion dollars from disaster relief funding and FEMA in order to pay for President Trump’s border wall. That sounds like political suicide given press coverage of Texas and congressional Republicans are not suicidal, they are survivalists. In fact, they are rather Lord of the Flies.
Look at it this way. Republicans in Congress do not do anything that risks them looking bad on camera. They do their best to play to the press as Republicans in Washington are far more interested in being liked by the media than by their constituents. It is one of several reasons they had no interest in actually repealing Obamacare.
Now they’re faced with a natural disaster of Biblical proportions and their response is to cut funding for disaster? That makes no sense.
What does make sense is that they do not want and have never wanted to fund a border wall. Remember, Republicans actually passed authorization for the border wall when George W. Bush was President and they got Democrats like Chuck Schumer to support the legislation. He and others supported it because they left it unfunded — something they have continued to fail to fund.
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