Friday, September 29, 2017

How to Make America a Dumping Ground NO MORE for Criminal Aliens

We need an America-first DACA — Deferred Action from Criminal Aliens.
President Trump was right to suggest during the campaign that America has become “a dumping ground” for criminals of other countries.
Rather than the White House and Paul Ryan frantically focusing on granting amnesty to illegals, what about convening an emergency commission, in the mold of the famous Jordan Commission, for how to deal with criminal aliens once and for all? Call it DACA – Deferred Action from Criminal Aliens. America’s DACA.
There are real-life consequences to cities refusing to cooperate with immigration authorities and the courts cheering them on.
A recent murder in San Francisco, suspected to be at the hands of a pair of illegal aliens released by sanctuary policies, illustrates that immigration enforcement, not amnesty, is the priority. And in another incident officially classified as rape by local law enforcement in Fredrick, Md., should demonstrate the need to detain and deport illegal aliens the minute they commit even minor crimes, lest they abscond, disappear, and commit more dangerous crimes.
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