Saturday, September 9, 2017

How can Trump “revisit” DACA in six months if it’s unconstitutional?

A related question: How can he continue the program for six more months if DACA is “an unconstitutional exercise of authority by the Executive Branch,” as Jeff Sessions claimed yesterday? Why not end it today?
Also related: Er, how could he have kept the program going for the past seven months if it’s been unconstitutional the whole time?
We shouldn’t think too hard about such things
If “revisit” is just a euphemism for canceling the program in six months, okay. But if Trump had wanted to say that he was resolved to end DACA in six months, he would have said that. “Revisit” reeks of him wanting to leave himself some wiggle room to keep the program going despite his own AG having pronounced it unconstitutional on national television yesterday. Sessions took away that wiggle room, so why hedge with the “revisit” language? It’s six months or bust.
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