Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Face-off: Alabama GOP Senate runoff now a proxy war between Trump and Bannon

Trump critics were breathing heavily this morning after he retweeted a GIF of him driving a golf ball off of Hillary Clinton’s back but the item below remains the most surprising thing to appear on his Twitter account in the past 24 hours. I thought he had all but abandoned Luther Strange after endorsing him a few weeks ago in the Alabama Senate primary, which would have made sense. Strange has trailed Roy Moore badly in independent polls and is being championed by Mitch McConnell, currently one of POTUS’s least favorite Republicans. Trump’s populist base, led by Steve Bannon, is also all-in on behalf of Moore.
The safe play, especially after pissing off some of his fans this week by dealing with Democrats on immigration, would have been for Trump to limit any further endorsements of Strange before the runoff to Twitter or even to decline to say another word about the race, hanging him out to dry. Doubling down on him is a lose/lose proposition. If Strange wins now, Trump’s base will be angry that he rescued the establishment candidate from near-certain defeat, and if Strange loses, the media will ooh and ahh that Trump’s endorsement doesn’t mean much even in deep red Alabama. POTUS couldn’t save the incumbent, they’ll say. Maybe he really is losing his fans.
But no, against all odds, he’s going all-in. And just a day after populist Mo Brooks endorsed Moore, too:
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