Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Don’t look now, but California is trying to move their POTUS primary way up

Is it still too soon to start talking about the 2020 presidential election? Yes, yes… a thousand times yes. Personally I’m still trying to work off the hangover from the last one. But this isn’t really a story about the election itself, who may or may not be running and what Trump’s chances are of being a two term president. (Assuming he even wants to by that point.)
Today’s story deals with the primary, and not even the potential candidates running there. It’s the old bugaboo of which states go where in the batting order and the biggest single chunk of delegates available to either party may be making a bid to be a more significant player. Lawmakers in California just approved a measure to move their primary up to Super Tuesday in March. (Associated Press)
California lawmakers voted early Saturday to set the state’s presidential primary in March, a move that would force candidates to mount expensive campaigns earlier in the state that awards the most delegates.
The bill will go to Gov. Jerry Brown for consideration. He has not said if he will sign it.
The bill would move the presidential primary to the Tuesday after the first Monday in March — three months earlier than the June contest held in 2016, when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were already the presumptive nominees.
A March primary would likely fall on so-called “Super Tuesday,” when roughly a dozen states typically vote following the early primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire and several other states.
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