Wednesday, September 27, 2017

DACA AMNESTY WATCH! GOP Senators: Illegals Are Beneficial, Amnesty Is Not Amnesty

Alex Wong/Getty Images
Illegal immigrants are good for the U.S. economy, GOP Sen. James Lankford said today while he introduced a multi-stage amnesty for many young illegal immigrants, including the 690,000 illegals covered under the expiring “DACA” amnesty.
Lankford and GOP Sen. Thom Tillis were asked by a reporter if their amnesty legislation would allow illegal immigrants to compete against Americans for jobs, and Lankford answered:
UNFORTUNATELY I see they heard you Mr. President.
They AND YOU, will hear us come re-election time
The job issue is an interesting issue, because those individuals are already in the job market. Many of these DACA students are actually DACA young adults, they already have access to the job market right now because they’ve been given deferred action. So they are in higher education, they are in the job market, they are currently a part of our economy, currently. That continual competition in our economy doesn’t hurt us, that continues to help us. It actually hurts us to put those individuals out of the economy.
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