Tuesday, September 26, 2017

DACA AMNESTY WATCH: 5 Reasons “Dreamers” Shouldn’t Be Given Amnesty

There’s an old legal saying that goes, “Hard cases make bad law.” Essentially, what that means is that when you try to take an extreme case and use it as the basis for general laws, the end product doesn’t work very well. In this case, when you try to take the most sympathetic group of illegal aliens and craft a law around them, it’s going to create a huge mess. Setting aside the fact that illegals of any age are breaking the law and that could be the entire list 1-5, there are a number of other reasons that young illegal aliens should not be allowed to stay.
1) The “Dreamers” are mostly adults, not children or teens. Many people seem to believe “Dreamers” are little kids. Actually, only 22% of them are even below the age of 25 according to the Department of Homeland Security. Moreover, there are “Dreamers” as old as THIRTY SIX eligible under the largely unverifiable requirements of the program. So we’re not talking about kids and we’re not talking about children. In some cases we’re talking about people who’ve spent more than a decade knowingly breaking our immigration laws as adults. Why would we want to give amnesty to someone like that?
2) Kids get punished for things their parents do all the time. If mom and dad sneak their kid into a waterpark without paying, they ALL get kicked out at the same time. Why should it be any different with our country? If an American man commits an armed robbery, he doesn’t get to avoid jail time because there’s a kid at home who will be deprived of his daddy. If mom is an alcoholic, dad refuses to work or both of them are weirdos who think little Sally needs to have gender reassignment surgery because she likes to play with trucks, the kids suffer. This is life and the idea that the government can fix every mistake parents make with their kids is unworkable and foolish. That’s doubly true when you’re talking about adults. Americans typically don’t get a pass for breaking the law when they’re adults because mommy and daddy weren’t good parents when they were kids. “Dreamers” shouldn’t get one either.
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