Wednesday, September 20, 2017

ALIPAC: Tell GOP Leaders No Deal on DACA

We monitor the actions of the pro-Amnesty groups that use sophisticated technologies and lots of George Soros money to push for Amnesty legislation. Right now, they have their supporters calling Paul Ryan to encourage him to work with Trump, Pelosi, and Schumer to pass DACA and Dream Act Amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. PLEASE CALL THE NUMBERS BELOW TO COUNTER THE MOVES OF THE AMNESTY POWER GROUPS!
Trump will release a statement soon that will have all of the enforcement provisions he wants to see in a "Comprehensive" Amnesty bill that will include Amnesty for illegals and enforcement measures. The problem is that no sane American should have any expectation any new immigration enforcement laws will ever be enforced. Telling Americans they may get a wall or other security measures in return for Amnesty is merely sugar to help the poison go down.
Read the rest from ALIPAC HERE.

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