Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What the Heck is Happening in America? Let Me Explain

Social Justice Warriors drive out dissent at Google. Antifa attacks small businesses. White supremacists run over and kill in Charlottesville. Black Lives Matter activists shut down intersections. Gay rights activists shut down florists and bakers. The Resistance marches. All of these things are happening for the same reason. The left and right in protest and fight are just two heads of a common coin.
“The white supremacist defines us by color and the leftist defines us by sexual orientation and gender. Both write out original sin and find evil and sin elsewhere. All of this is to figure out who gets to be the Grand Sez Who in the absence of God.”
They are doing these things because they are trying to build moral responses to the uncertainty of Western civilizational truths becoming uncertain. As the West leaves God behind, with His absence is a vacuum into which competing parties try to become, in Arthur Leff’s terminology, the new Grand Sez Who. In the absence of God, only the mob sez who. Government itself in the West is arranged under the rubric of a divine Creator allowing the people to form governments premised on ensuring and protecting divinely given rights. Without a Creator, we create our own worlds positing ourselves and those who agree with us as the just and the other as evil.
With the collapse of shared Christian values in the West, the world is descending into natural law where survival of the fittest reigns supreme. But survival of the fittest is incompatible with people because, though we may not believe it, we are actually created in the image of God. We have dwelling within us the spark of the divine that provides a universal morality. We may do our best to repress it, but in that repression it channels itself in different ways.
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