Saturday, August 19, 2017

Ted Cruz Opposes Efforts to 'sanitize history'

Sen. Ted Cruz argued Thursday that although he thinks it would not be "beneficial" to "sanitize history" by ripping down Confederate statues around the country, communities should be able to decide for themselves "how to appropriately acknowledge" history.
"I don't think it's beneficial to go through and try to sanitize history and try to erase the Civil War. We have a history that needs to be presented fairly, needs to be presented in context. It needs to clearly enunciate the evils of slavery," Cruz told reporters at the Mary Kay Headquarters in Dallas, Texas, according to CNN.
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"And so, I don't think we should go through and simply try to erase from history prior chapters even if they were wrong. But I think that's a decision each community needs to make as to how to appropriately acknowledge that history, how to commemorate that history, how to recognize that history," Cruz added.
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