Saturday, August 12, 2017

Nancy Pelosi, Obamacare Was Never ‘Free-Market’ And Neither Are Its Replacements

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace interviewed House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (video and transcript) on July 30, asking her whether she would compromise to get continued funding for CSRs: cost sharing reduction payments.
Wallace explained CSRs as “payments to insurance companies that lower the out-of-pocket costs to things like deductibles and co-pays for lower income people who are on the exchanges.”
Leader Pelosi immediately added: “And middle income, and middle income.” Apparently, she doesn’t want us to think that the CSRs are going only to poor folks, which seems rather odd. But here’s what’s interesting:
WALLACE: Let me just say, President Trump tweeted this yesterday: If a new healthcare bill is not approved quickly, bailouts for insurance companies, he’s talking about the CSRs, and bailouts for members of Congress will end very soon.
Here’s my question, Leader Pelosi—to keep those CSR payments, what are you as Democrats willing to give to get a real compromise?
PELOSI: Let’s go— let’s back up on it. The Affordable Care Act is a market-oriented proposal, doing the cost-sharing, the reductions, a way to have it be in the free market, in the marketplace as opposed to having everyone say—have many more people on Medicaid or something. So, you—there’s governors of states had said, give me the money. I’ll buy insurance for these people.
So, this is not bailing out insurance companies. This is about having stability in the private sector in order to provide healthcare.
WALLACE: With a huge government subsidy.
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