Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Krauthammer: If Mueller turns this probe into a fishing expedition, we could be looking at a constitutional crisis

Yeah, increasingly it seems like whether or not we end up in a national clusterfark over the president’s power to fire the special counsel depends on whether Mueller stays in his lane by focusing on Russia and possible collusion. If he does, the optics of Trump firing him would be terrible, and not just to Democrats.
Americans in 99 congressional battleground districts – primarily represented by Republicans – would disapprove by a two-to-one margin if President Trump fires Russia special counsel Robert Mueller…
According to the survey, 44% said they would “strongly” disapprove of Trump firing Mueller…
According to the survey, if Trump were to fire Mueller, an even greater percentage of Americans, 67%, would support having Congress establish a special prosecutor whom Trump could not fire.
That’s from a poll sponsored by liberal groups, but sift through the discouraging rhetoric from congressional Republicans over the past month about Trump firing Mueller and it’s plain that this would open a rift on the right. Even if a majority of Republicans rallied around the president (which I’m sure they would), the combination of unanimous Democratic opposition, likely majority independent opposition, and minority Republican opposition would put Trump in a deep hole politically for canning the special counsel — as I say, if he sticks to investigating Russia.
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