Saturday, August 26, 2017

IMPLODE WATCH: The Next Obamacare Mess and the Rule of Law

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The president should faithfully execute the laws that Congress passes.
When John Adams wrote into Massachusetts’s Constitution a commitment to a “government of laws and not of men,” he probably assumed that the rule of law meant the rule of laws, no matter how many laws there might be. He could not have imagined the modern proliferation and complexity of laws, or how subversive this is of the rule of law.
Such a subversion will confront Congress when it reconvenes. Congress is nimble at evading responsibilities but cannot avoid deciding either to repudiate or to tolerate a residue of President Obama’s lawlessness, one that most, perhaps all, congressional Democrats and many, perhaps most, Republicans want Obama’s successor to continue.
The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) requires insurance companies to insure people with “preexisting conditions,” a locution minted to avoid the awkward candor of saying, in most cases, “people who are already sick.” The individual mandate, requiring people to purchase insurance, is one way the ACA subsidizes insurance companies that are mandated to engage in money-losing undertakings.
The subsidy that Congress must confront in September is the ACA requirement that the secretary of health and human services devise a program to compensate insurers for the cost of selling discounted plans to some low-income purchasers. Obama’s HHS secretary created a program to disperse billions of dollars to insurers to defray the costs of the low-income purchasers, who are more than half the ACA enrollees.
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