Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Immigrants Must Assimilate for America to Stay Exceptional

Everyone who comes to live in the United States must understand, accept and defend our principles, virtues and values.
Two issues clearly show the divide in America today. A cursory review might make it appear they are completely different and unrelated, but upon closer inspection, you can see they are as entwined as the weft and warp of the finest linen cloth.
First, American exceptionalism.
America isn’t exceptional because we have the greatest baseball teams; nor is it because we have the best medical research.
America is exceptional because of the Founding Fathers’ principles, virtues and values. It is because the U.S. Constitution grants us personal freedom beyond what is seen in any other country.
Patronizing progressives may say the Constitution is flawed, pointing to the many amendments that have been added. Beyond the Bill of Rights — the first 10 amendments — almost none of the others were necessary. Congressional legislation could have accomplished the same results.
Our underlying exceptionalism is that we are a country of liberty and liberty leads to equality. Equality does not lead to liberty. We do not have a statue of equality; we have a Statue of Liberty, which reminds all of us — and every immigrant — this is a land of personal freedom and opportunity.
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